Written by Missy Johnston

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Ikat Textile Weaving

Ikat, a fabric dyed with natural dyes and spun on hand-made looms, has roots in many regions of Asia. In the Eastern Flores Archipelago in Indonesia, private yacht charter guests can visit villages to see the village women, skilled self-taught artisans with techniques passed down through the generations bringing this craft to life.

To create the textiles, cotton is grown, carded, spun to strands, dyed with natural dyes created by the village women, then woven into the Ikat Textile designs on handmade looms. Only accessible by private yacht, your charter yacht can anchor right in front of remote Ikat Textile weaving villages, where you can buy these lovely handmade textiles directly from the weavers.

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The history of Ikat dates back thousands of years. Beautiful textiles have been found as far away as the ancient tombs of Egypt. Their trade has united peoples of the world in times of war and peace. To read more about Ikat’s past and the work being done to support the craftsmen and women who still make these handmade textiles today, click here.

Ikat Textile Weaving, Watublapi Village, Indonesia