Written by Missy Johnston

Marmaris Turkey

Marmaris, Turkey

Not many people have heard of the city of Marmaris. So the opportunity to take a lovely southern Turkey private yacht charter that begins and ends in Marmaris provides a chance to explore this slice of Mediterranean paradise. Marmaris has beautiful beaches to visit, fascinating ruins chronicling its ancient history to explore, and abundant shopping, dining, and nightlife.

A private luxury yacht charter on the southern coast of Turkey that includes Marmaris as a departure and disembarking point leaves time to take in this interesting Turkish town.


Ships in the bay of Marmaris, Turkey with Marmaris Castle

Ships in the bay of Marmaris, Turkey with Marmaris Castle

Marmaris, originally known as Physkos, is strategically located on the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas, so it is presumed that it was a well-known trading center in its earliest history. The city’s architecture and ruins show evidence of the diverse civilizations that have had control of Marmaris. These include the Egyptians, Ionians, Persians, Macedonians, Syrians, Romans, Byzantines, and Ottomans. When the Ottoman Empire gained control, they changed the name of the city from Physkos to Marmaris and it officially became a part of Turkey.

The Ottomans built the castle of Marmaris in 1552. The Ibrahim Aga Camii Mosque, built in 1789, is an expansive cathedral that highlights traditional Ottoman architecture. It is still used by the townspeople for worship. Other notable historic sites include the Sariana tomb, the well-preserved ruins of Asartepe, Tashan, and the aqueduct.


Cityscape of Marmaris Turkey.

Cityscape of Marmaris Turkey

The roughly six miles of beaches in Marmaris range from the stunning palm trees, mountains, and translucent turquoise waters of Urban Beach to the busier beaches with shopping, cafes, and bars. One of these beaches—Cleopatra Beach—is, according to legend, so named because Anthony and Cleopatra used to swim and lounge there together.

Food, Drinks, and Shopping

Marmaris Front Quay Bazaar Shops, The Silk Road Rug Shop

Marmaris Front Quay Bazaar Shops, The Silk Road Rug Shop

Marmaris has plenty in the way of nightlife. Bar Street has several nightclubs, as well as laser shows and live music.

For an authentic Turkish experience, many hotels feature “Turkish nights,” which are filled with genuine Turkish music, food, belly dancing, stories, and other traditional celebrations.

During the day, downtown Marmaris offers a plethora of Turkish stores, cafes, and restaurants to shop and dine in.


Marmaris Bay, Turkey

Marmaris Bay

While on your private yacht charter starting in Marmaris, if caves are your thing, ask to visit the numerous caves nearby in the inlets and islands in Marmaris Bay.

On land, hiking through Marmaris national park provides a stunning view of its beautiful pine forests, abundance of wildlife and a diverse bird population. These are the pine trees from which pine nuts, a big Turkish crop, are harvested.

There is plenty to see and do in Marmaris, Turkey when boarding and disembarking for a southern Turkish yacht charter itinerary.