Written by Missy Johnston

Trogir Main Quay

Trogir Main Quay

Trogir, Croatia is a fantastic destination for a luxury yacht cruise. You’ll find this Romanesque-Gothic islet town set within medieval walls on a tiny island near Split. Because of Trogir’s rich cultural heritage and intact authentic architecture pointing back to its Hellenistic and Roman heritage, it is sometimes referred to as the Little Venice of Dalmatia or The Stone Beauty. Trogir Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Loyal locals have preserved its urban fabric to an exceptional degree, so it’s free of most modern interventions. This enables you to immerse yourself in its authentic social and cultural surroundings.

Croatia Medieval Old Town Trogir Walking Streets

Old Town Trogir Walking Streets

Cobbled streets and charming ancient alleyways connect an extensive network of fine dining restaurants, bars, cocktail lounges, and cafes. Each of these idyllic locales is illuminated by old-fashioned streetlights and is accessible by foot. Several shopping centers are also located just across the Old Town Bridge near the central marketplace.

The island is known for its vibrant social scene, particularly on summer evenings when tourists and townspeople alike gather on the wide seaside promenade. Here, enjoy the bars and cafes that line the promenade.

Trogir view with the belfry of the Cathedral of St. Lawrence

Add a climb up the tower of the St. Lawrence Cathedral to your custom Trogir, Croatia itinerary. Construction of this Romanesque-Gothic basilica began in 1213 and took more than four centuries to complete. The changes in period architecture will be evident as you climb up the stone steps of the cathedral tower. Also see the Portal of Radovan, the famous Romanesque monument dating back to 1240. It’s a masterpiece of carved marble.

A visit to Fortress Kamerlengo, also known as Kamerlengo Castle, is an absolute must. The Venetians built this fortress around 1420, and it offers a wonderful opportunity to explore local history and lore while winding around the spiral staircase lining its inner walls. Concerts are held here during the Trogir Summer Festival.

Trogir Entrance Tower

Trogir Entrance Tower

Be sure to check out the ancient Trogir Palaces in the city center, which were once homes of noble Venetian families. The palaces reflect Renaissance architecture and are decorated with authentic Gothic ornaments. The Garagnin Fanfogna palace is home to the Trogir city museum, so that’s a fascinating itinerary destination.

Perhaps the most exciting destination on your luxury yacht cruise to Trogir, Croatia, is Krknjaši Cove, often referred to as the Blue Lagoon. This site is one of the most popular bays in the Adriatic Sea and it is reminiscent of a tropical island. Enjoy snorkeling and swimming in its clear turquoise waters. After swimming and snorkeling, soak up the warm sun on the beach, and then dine at the local restaurant nearby.

Next, you can travel over to Čiovo island, famous for its beautiful beaches and long, themed walking and bike paths. Socialize at the more populated Okrug Gornji beach, or rest in the serenity of a quieter beach, such as Kava Beach.

Trogir Bridge #DestinationConfidential

Trogir Bridge from Old City

If you cross the island from the main resort area, you’ll come across the quaint village of Slatine, which has lovely stretches of beach all along the coastline. We can add Laganini Beach Club to your custom itinerary, too, if you want to opt for a lazy beach day followed by lounge music in the evening.

Medena Beach is another famous beach to add to your custom yacht itinerary. Don’t miss the watersport opportunities here; you can rent jet skis, kayaks, and even windsurfers at one of the local stands. Finish up the day with a scoop of local cold, creamy, and delightful treats in one of the local ice cream parlors.

As you can see, this tiny island is packed full of all sorts of excellent and unique itinerary destinations. We can make sure you visit them all on your custom chartered yacht trip to Trogir, Croatia.