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Our Terrific Yacht Charter Insider Tips for Turkey

Dalyan River Trip, Ekincik

Like a scene out of the movie “African Queen” board a flat bottomed river boat directly at your yacht on anchor in Ekincik with Guide Abidim Kurt for a cruise through the rushes and up the Dalyan River. First to be seen is the nesting ground of the Carretta Carretta (Loggerhead Turtles), next are the ancient ruins of Caunos, followed by the Lycian Cliffside Temple Front Tombs. After all, enjoy lunch at a taverna riverside in Dalyan of fresh Dalyan River Seafood (other non-seafood items also available), and a walk around this little village; before returning down the river in your flat bottomed river boat to be delivered back on board your charter yacht.

Bodrum Castles and Underwater Marine Archeology Museum

An outpost castle for the Crusading Knights located on the island of Rhodes; this defensive castle built with 7 entry gates required to be passed through before arriving within, was also home to medieval Crusading Knights of various orders. Within this largely intact castle is an excellent Underwater Marine Archaeology Museum with exhibits of artifacts found during marine excavations of sunken ancient shipwrecks from this area, which was once an ancient trading route.


Not usually an ancient site seen during the charter, unless the charter itinerary includes the port of Kusadasi; Ephesus can easily be seen on your way to your charter location or on return from your charter location with a flight in or out of Izmir, Turkey. We can arrange an air conditioned luxury van, driver and museum quality private guide for a 4-5 hour tour of Ephesus, the Terrace House Exhibit within, and the nearby Ephesus Museum.

Priene, Didyma, and Miletus

These Ancient Sites, just north of the Bodrum Peninsula, are well worth visiting for any history aficionado, and for which a private guide, air conditioned luxury van and driver can be arranged. All three sites are in the same general area, and can easily be seen together as a short side trip from Didem Marina, or a longer side trip from other locations along the southern coast of Turkey.

Xanthos, Letoon, Patara, and Pinara

These Ancient Sites are a short distance inland and are easily seen on a side trip from either Kas or Kalkan on your own in an air conditioned luxury van with driver, or with the addition of a private guide. The pickup by the luxury van can be in Kas with a return to Kalkan or vice versa, with those interested exploring these ancient sites, while the yacht cruises between Kas and Kalkan. Those not interested can stay on board for the coastal cruise.


This Ancient Site is located on the tip of the Datca Peninsula in southern Turkey; and is easily visited when on a yacht charter cruise between Bodrum and Gocek or Marmaris. Anchor in the ancient harbor, and go ashore to wander the remains of this once wealthy trading city including temples, agora remnants and a theatre.

Myra Church of St. Nicolas

A pilgrimage location especially for devout Orthodox Russians, this Romanesque Church was built on the location of the church of the Bishop Nicholas in the 300’s AD, one of the Bishops that signed the Nicene Creed, who is now known as St. Nicholas. St. Nicholas, due to his largesse is considered part of the general legend of Santa Claus. The building today is an excellent example of a Romanesque style ecclesiastical building.


Around Ancient Myra and surrounded today by modern Demre is an outstanding grouping of Lycian freestanding and temple front cliffside tombs; as Myra was one of the most important cities of the Lycian League. The Lycian Tombs overlook a large still standing Roman Theatre resplendent with stone carvings and decorations that today excavators are trying to rebuild.


Explore these ruins of an inland Greek/Roman city, including a hippodrome, theatre, temple ruins, and an agora. Once home to a sculptor’s school; in the ruins a large number of statues and examples of carved stonework, some quite interestingly different, have been excavated. Today much of the extensive stonework found is displayed in the onsite museum. To get to Aphrodisias; however, from most coastal locations along the southern coast of Turkey between Bodrum and Marmaris, requires generally a 3 hour drive each way on twisting roads through the mountains.

Turk Buku

A once quiet bay on the northern side of the Bodrum Peninsula, is now the place to see and be seen for the wealthy and celebrities living in Istanbul. In the summertime, this bay is full of visiting anchored yachts, with tenders zipping back and forth to shore. Along the shoreline are upscale restaurants and chic shops selling goods intended for an upscale market and different from the general bazaar ware.

Pal Marina

An upscale marina on the western end of the Bodrum Peninsula, where very chic shops, a Cipriani Restaurant and a Billionaire’s Club are located.