Written by Missy Johnston

Peppered around the Flores Archipelago in Indonesia are a number of Ikat Textile Weaving Villages where Textile weaving is part of everyday village life. Visiting these various villages, mainly located in Volcano Alley in the Eastern Flores Archipelago is most easily done by crewed yacht charter. These are villages at the base of volcanoes on islands where every day life is as it has been for centuries. This is where true Ikat Textiles are woven and created using natural dyes hand made, with cotton carded and spun into threads. Where bits of naturally occurring sisal are woven around the cotton threads for resist dying. Looms are hand made from branches. Without regular ferry systems, these villages are best visited by private yacht charter to truly see and experience traditional daily live in the villages.

Visit Watublapi Village, a Weaving Village on crewed yacht charter in the Flores Archipelago in Indonesia to see firsthand a fabulous demonstration of Ikat Textile weaving by the villagers of Watublapi, wearing their village Ikat designs captured here in this pictorial review. This is an extraordinary chance to see an age old weaving tradition, done by hand on hand made looms, in villages rarely visited except by crewed charter yachts.