Written by Missy Johnston

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Postiano, Amalfi Coast

Tucked into the beautiful Amalfi Coast, the village of Positano is actually easier to visit by sea on a crewed yacht charter than by driving along the winding small roads of the Sorrento Peninsula. This town, which spills away from the sea up into a valley of the Amalfi Coast, was once a lovely little Italian fishing village. It is now a chic town filled with boutiques, streetside cafes and artist galleries.

As a walking town, with little alleyways spidering out and away from the harbor, coming in by ship’s tender on a crewed yacht charter is an excellent way to visit Positano.

Come ashore from your crewed yacht charter, land on the beach and spend time exploring the walking streets from the harbor back into the hillsides of Positano along the Amalfi Coast of Italy.

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There are various buildings and homes of Positano clinging to the cliff face of the southern side of the Sorrento Peninsula. Positano is protected from the northerly winds by the Lattari Mountains just behind the village, which actually form the backbone of the Sorrento Peninsula. Coming in by water is the best and easiest way to access this little town, however staying overnight is not always an option. Expect to visit by day on a crewed yacht charter and be prepared to duck off to a nearby safe harbor for night.

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Postiano Alleyways

Positano is a village of shoe makers. The now-famous canvas shoes with a rope sandal were first made and are still made today. Step into a shoe shop and get measured for a pair to be made while you wait, perhaps wandering the rest of the town or sitting in a harbor side café watching life go by. Tumbling up and down the hillsides of this coastline, along with the houses and buildings, are the lemon groves which might either in bloom, releasing a lovely citrus scent that permeates the air, or laden full of ripening lemons, depending on the time of year. Limoncello originates from the Sorrento Peninsula and is available throughout Positano as a refreshing digestive after meals.

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Positano is often visited by the rich and famous. However, here in this village, everyone blends into the natural scenery of the area and you never know who may be standing next to you in a small leather shop while you both vie for the attentions of the shop keeper. The village has been featured in several major films, including most recently, “Under the Tuscan Sun.” This little village tucked away on the Amalfi Coast is a “must do” visit on a crewed yacht charter of this area of Italy.