Written by Missy Johnston

Visit the dazzling Sporadic Island of Skyros, when on a crewed yacht charter in the Greek Islands. Skyros is a very unique mountainous island that is home to a specific island breed of ponies, named the Skyrins. The northern end of the island is green with lush forests anchored by the very high Mount Olympus, and balanced on the southern end of the island, which is rocky and barren, with the high mountain of Kochila. You can enjoy visiting Syros on a crewed yacht charter throughout the warm summer months while cruising in the Sporadic Greek Islands.

Skyros, Greece

Colonized by Athenian settlers in 475 BC, Skyros features prominently in Greek Myths as the location where Theseus died. In 192 BC, Roman Imperial Forces conquered and became the rulers of this island. Venetian forces subsequently dominated the island in 1204 and built a strong fortress to protect against pirates. However by the end of the 14th century, Skyros fell to and was ruled by the Turkish, only gaining independence in 1829.

Skyros, Greece Lighthouse

Skyros is the largest, and yet probably the least visited of the Sporadic Islands in Greece. Life continues on island in a very traditional manner, untouched by the outside world. There are many terrific things to do on this island, such as enjoy the sparkling blue waters and anchorages many of which you could have all to yourself for endless water sports. Walk along miles of beaches and explore the little traditional towns where local daily Greek life is caught in time. You will be sure to find a traditional Greek Taverna on this island, probably serving fresh fish just caught that morning by the local fishing fleet and at around 5:00pm, you will most likely see the age old tradition of the older island men gathering in street cafes for ouzo and octopus, a tradition now fading on the more well-traveled Greek Islands. There are two major museums on Skyros, which are well worth visiting: the Archeology Museum with artifacts from the long history of the island, and the Faltaits Historical and Folklore Museum, housed in the Faltaits Mansion, once the home of a wealthy family on the island, with items depicting everyday life on Skyros. Next to the Faltaits Museum, is an ancient theatre still in use, where in the summer cultural events are held.

Skyros, Greece

You should be sure to include visiting the unique traditional island of Skyros on your crewed yacht charter when cruising through the Sporadic Islands of Greece, in the northern Aegean Sea.