Written by Missy Johnston

Picturesque view of Las Salinas. Salt lake of Torrevieja

Las Salinas. Salt lake of Torrevieja

Tucked away in Valencia, Spain is the natural park of Las Salinas de Torrevieja—a gorgeous pink-water lake-one of the most impressive natural parks of Valencia, and not to be missed on a private yacht charter along the Spanish Costa del Azahar. The natural phenomenon of rose-tinted water is possible thanks to the archaeas (a micro-organism) and dunaliellas (micro-seaweeds) found in the lake giving the entire lake its pink-colored hue and the pink to the color of the feathers of the local lamingos that dine on these micro-organisms.. Adding to the “wow” factor are the huge mountains of salt piled high along the shore line gathered from the lake that has been sold for centuries. Be sure to pick up some natural Torrevieja salt for yourself.

Las Salinas de Torrevieja,, Pink Water Lake

Las Salinas de Torrevieja, Pink Water Lake

A wonderful way to enjoy Las Salinas de Torrevieja is to plunge right into the lake, taking advantage of the high levels of mineral salts in the lake—making it one of nature’s finest free spas. The salty water has many natural benefits such as being an excellent way to expel toxins from your body. It is also exceptionally good for your skin. Locals can provide black mud from the lake’s bottom, which will improve your skin when combined with the salty water. First, apply the salty, white sand to your body to exfoliate while adding a layer of black mud to your face to moisturize your skin. The results will truly amaze you.

 Torrevieja Cityscape and Las Salinas Pink Lake at Sunset

Torrevieja Cityscape and Las Salinas Pink Lake at Sunset

The natural spa also comes with an added bonus—pink flamingos. If here during the breeding season, up to 2,000 pink flamingos can be found in the backdrop of the lake. The calm, tranquil waters are the perfect natural spa in which to float, relax, comtemplate the beautiful pink flamingos and enjoy the benefits of the mineral salts on your next private yacht charter vacation.