Written by Missy Johnston


Dominica Island

Dominica is known for adventure. People are drawn to this Caribbean island for scuba diving and snorkeling, extreme hikes to local lakes that boil with geothermal activity, river rafting, and canyoneering through crevasses that lead to waterfall-lined rivers. As such, it is an optimal private yacht charter destination, especially for those that want an action-packed charter. Something many might not know about the Dominican though, is that there is rich culinary history and high-class dining available on the island—perhaps the Caribbean’s best kept secret. One particular hidden gem is at the Zing Zing—a high-dining restaurant located at a boutique resort, Secret Bay. Here, there is a new head chef in charge, Chef Grant Lynott, who is determined to bring back authentic Domincan cuisine to the menu. One of the best ways to dine at Zing Zing is to visit Dominica by yacht charter.

The Indian River

River Rafting in Dominica

Domincan cuisine today includes French and English influences, due to the attempted colonization of the island by France and England. There are traces of their influences left scattered throughout the island though the Domincans won sovereignty in the 1970’s. Chef Lynott is challenging his team of chefs to go back in time, prior to the French and English invading the island, to recreate high-class meals with authentic, native-grown ingredients. There are ingredients that can be found everywhere on the island growing naturally, rather than being meticulously planted. In many ways, Dominica Island remains untouched by the tourism industry seen on nearby islands which makes it a wonderful destination to visit—perfect for a private yacht charter vacation.

Trafalgar Falls

Emerald Pool – Dominica