Written by Missy Johnston

Trogir view with the belfry of the Cathedral of St. Lawrence

A Croatian private yacht charter that includes a stop in Trogir is a special treat. Trogir can be visited during a charter or be the boarding and disembarking location for a charter as Trogir is only 25 minutes from the Split International Airport. When Trogir is the origin city and the final destination of a cruise, charterers have plenty of opportunities to explore this tiny city’s charms. In fact, Trogir is so visually striking, it was used as the setting for the city of Qarth in Game of Thrones.

Here are some suggestions for how to enjoy Trogir however you choose to visit on a luxury yacht charter especially on a Trogir-to-Trogir luxury yacht charter.

Go for a stroll

Croatia Medieval Old Town Trogir Walking Streets

Old Town Trogir Walking Streets

The best way to explore Trogir is on foot. The city is so small, most people are able to walk the city from end to end in less than an hour. Don’t mistake its small size for a lack of things to see, however; the town is replete with picturesque scenery, good restaurants, and unique shops.

Admire the architecture

Trogir’s center is protected as a UNESCO World Heritage site. It features authentic Venetian architecture, which is among the most beautiful historical architecture in the world. From quaint little stone houses to the jaw-droppingly gorgeous Cathedral of Saint Lawrence, each building lining the streets seems as though it was made for a postcard photo.

The cathedral was built between the 13th and 16th centuries with a blend of different architectural styles. It’s impossible not to notice the prominent Gothic and Roman styles, especially at the entrance, which is covered in ornate carvings with traditional lion guards that were designed and created by Radovan.

The red-domed clock tower, located in Trogir’s central square, offers striking architectural beauty as well. It’s located right next to the loggia, which features interesting columns of its own. Nearby lies the Cipiko Palace, which was the medieval home of the Cipiko family.

Old Town Trogir Cathedral

Climb the cathedral tower

Rising high above the city—and visible from everywhere in Trogir—is the bell tower in the Cathedral of Saint Lawrence. A climb to the top of the narrow, steep spiral staircase reveals fantastic, panoramic views of the city and the nearby coast.

Walk the waterfront

Though Trogir’s central square holds many of the city’s interesting attractions, the Church and Monastery of Saint Dominic on the coastal edge are also beautiful destinations. Along the waterfront, delighted visitors watch boats glide past in the afternoon breeze, climb the walls of the 15th century Kamerlengo Fortress, or have lunch in one of the seaside cafes that provide lovely views of the colorful buildings on the other side of the water.

Trogir Bridge from Old City

Trogir Bridge from Old City

Relax on the beach

On a luxury yacht charter, cruising or sailing to one of the many beaches nearby after exploring Trogir Old Town will provide peaceful hours of lounging in the sun, swimming, relaxing and enjoying the beautiful water of Croatia.