Written by Missy Johnston

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St. Marks Cathedral

Imagine pulling up in your own yacht and tying up the quay just down from St. Marks Square and listening to the bells of St. Marks Cathedral as they toll the hours. With enough advance planning, dockage reservations are available along this famous waterfront, with all of Venice, Italy laid out in front of you to wander as you will. Or perhaps to have a coffee at one of the many cafes along the edges of St. Marks Square with wandering musicians livening up the evening hours. And, of course, there are shops and great restaurants, although you may prefer to dine on board on the deck entertained as life passes by on the quay in front.

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Venice Waterfront

Venice is a city built on the water, by pilings pounded into soggy soil and little bits of land to create full city blocks accessed by canals and surrounded by water. Yacht charter in Venice is very different as there are no large grocery stores, and fresh water is a valuable commodity. Other than or small incidentals, most yacht crew must have large food orders and fresh water delivered by canal barge. Fuel is generally delivered as well in the same way. Coming into Venice, any visiting yacht must dock or use the mooring posts in the Grand Canal, where yachts are literally hog tied between four posts, two off the bow and two aft. No one can travel by water in the canals of Venice unless you have a Venetian water license. Not even the highest Captain’s ticket that can be earned grants the holder the right to travel by water through the canals of Venice. So be prepared to come in, tied up and then enjoy Venice as the Venetians do by foot or by gondola and explore this fascinating city on the sea.

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Venice Grand Canal