Written by Missy Johnston

Cityscape of Marmaris Turkey.

Cityscape of Marmaris Turkey.

Marmaris, Turkey is a fun and exciting town and a great starting or ending port for a crewed yacht charter along the southern coast of Turkey, or just to visit on a Turkish yacht charter itinerary. When exploring the city via a southern Turkey private yacht cruise, visitors enjoy the following memorable places and activities.

Marmaris Castle

Ships in the bay of Marmaris, Turkey with Marmaris Castle

Ships in the bay of Marmaris, Turkey with Marmaris Castle

One would be forgiven for assuming Marmaris Castle is the oldest historical site in Marmaris. That distinction instead belongs to the city’s walls, which were first constructed in 3000 BCE. By comparison, the 16th-century castle seems new.

The Marmaris Archaeology Museum is located within the castle and contains many artifacts excavated locally. Museum-goers will see Ottoman relics, ancient weapons, pottery, coins, and decorative items inside the museum. By stepping outside, from the walls of the Castle, one can then see a stunning view of Marmaris from the castle’s elevation above the city.

Netsel Marina

View of Netsel Marina - Marmaris, Turkey

View of Netsel Marina – Marmaris, Turkey

Yachters often spend time in Netsel Marina by default, but the marina has more to offer than meets the eye at first glance. Located across a little bridge from the long old harbor quay, this newly built marina is home to a lineup of high-end yachts and many cafes, restaurants, and shops.

Old Quay

The original Old Quay is still very much in use in Marmaris, and is the welcoming front of town, with a wide walking area lined with shops, tavernas, cafes, and restaurants. Stern-to along the quay is a selection of every type of yacht hosted by Marmaris, including the unique Turkish Gulet, which, once a cargo-hauling vessel, today is a terrific roomy and value-priced charter yacht.

Shop in the Turkish Bazaars

Turkish Bazaars

Behind the Old Quay is the original Bazaar, part of every Turkish Town, filled with every type of shop needed in a busy harbor town. But it is also home to shops for visitors with Turkish leather goods, jewelry, herbs and spices, ceramics and Turkish rugs. And don’t forget to bargain, an age-old activity in any Turkish Bazaar shop.

Bar Street

Full of nightclubs and popular bars, Bar Street is the place to go after dark in Marmaris. Part of the Bazaar, Bar Street is easy to find right behind the Old Quay. Live concerts, DJs, laser light shows, and dance parties are just some of the attractions that draw locals and tourists alike.

If night hasn’t fallen yet, Bar Street still offers several choices for romantic and atmospheric dining and drinks, with stunning views of the picturesque beauty of the area.

Marmaris National Park

Marmaris Bay, Turkey

Marmaris Bay

Between the Mediterranean and Aegean coasts, Marmaris National Park is a stunning location filled with many types of plants, trees, and wildlife. The area is a great place to take a walk and enjoy the natural world away from the colorful Bazaar shops and haggling merchants.

Plan your southern Turkey private luxury yacht charter today along the southern coast of Turkey and enjoy visiting Marmaris.