Written by Missy Johnston

South Beach, Miami, Florida

South Beach, Miami, Florida

South Beach—or “SoBe,” as it’s sometimes called—is a colorful and energetic neighborhood in Miami. Some folks come for the beach itself, but many tourists flock to South Beach for its legendary boisterous parties.

This beautiful portion of Miami has much more to offer than just drinking and dancing. Parties are easy to find, but it’s just as easy to spend time at one of the many museums or soak up the sun in peace while passing through on a Florida luxury private yacht charter.

Skate or bike to see the sights.

South Beach and Miami Beach are exceptionally friendly to pedestrian traffic, especially for those with wheels at their disposal. Inline skaters and bikers ride along the boardwalks and take in the sight, sounds, and smells of the beach and its many attractions.

Miami Beach South Pointe pier park waterfront

Miami Beach, South Pointe Pier Park Waterfront

Enjoy Española Way.

This street blends Spanish and Mediterranean influences with Bohemian flair. The result is a unique and engaging way to spend an evening! Tapas bars, restaurants, drinks, and dancing are just a handful of reasons to stroll down Española Way.

Relax at a spa.

Though the yacht provides all the luxury and amenities needed for comfortable overnights, South Beach has many hotels and resorts—many of which contain luxurious spas. Pamper sunburned skin or enjoy a relaxing massage and other spa treatments.

Colorful street of Miami Beach - Ocean Drive and its famous Art Deco style

Colorful Street of Ocean Drive, Miami Beach and its Famous Art Deco Style

Explore Art Deco architecture.

South Beach abounds with historical buildings and Art Deco architecture, so a simple walk around the neighborhood will provide plenty of interesting sights! The Art Deco Welcome Center is a great resource for finding more information if questions arise.

End the night with dancing.

While South Beach is more than just its club scene, dancing and partying is an integral part of the SoBe experience. Even if it’s for just one dance, pop into one—or several—of the many clubs to see what all the hype is about.

Ocean Drive along South Beach Miami at night

Ocean Drive Along South Beach, Miami at Night