Written by Missy Johnston

Luxury yachts in Town of Vis waterfront 

Vis is just one of the many gorgeous and historic islands you can visit on a private luxury yacht cruise to Croatia. But its attractions, food, scenery, and history combine to provide a one-of-a-kind vacation experience. Here’s what to do on your yacht cruise to Vis, Croatia.  

Relax in a secluded, private paradise.  

Vis Croatia

Vis, Croatia

Vis Island is remote and rugged, full of stunning caves, rocky cliffs, and sheltered beaches waiting for anyone who can find them. Unlike people who travel on foot or take a boat tour, you have a distinct advantage. Your yacht’s captain can deftly navigate anywhere you’d like to go and deliver you to the best point to access your choice of hidden paradise beaches. Try Stiniva beach if relaxing in a secluded cove and diving into the sea sounds like a great time.  

Drop anchor near  a famous shipwreck and go snorkeling , or take a smaller watercraft to explore the rocky outcroppings and coves. Just be sure to have your captain arrange a private tour of the Blue Cave on the island of Bisevo, just before 9:00 am when the tourist tours start, so that you can witness the spectacular light show from the sun which bathes the whole cave in glowing blue. Or, if you’re visiting during peak summer season and the Blue Cave is flooded with tourists, try the Green Cave on Ravik Island instead. 

Sample the local food and drinks. 

Croatia, Komiza Harbor on Viz Island

Komiza Harbor

Slice into Croatia’s best pizza at Karijola for lunch, and taste local wine with a beautiful view over the sea.  

Then take the ship’s tender to shore in Komiza to dine at Konoba Jastožera in the evening. Choose their famed lobster for the ultimate experience and eat it seated at a table sitting on a plank that is  washed by gentle waves, for Viz is the lobster fisherman’s island. After dinner, take a walk along the harbor in Komiza where lobster fishing pots are piled high on the quay.

Immerse yourself in history. 

Krka Falls, Luxury Yachts, Super Yachts

Vis Monastery

Vis Town was founded in 397 BC, making it the oldest town in Dalmatia. Today, it hosts a number of art galleries and other attractions that tell the island’s story over the years.  

Tito’s Cave is the most famous of the many historical military sites from World War II among the military installations and bunkers remaining on Vis Island, left over from its days when Yugoslavia used it as a naval base. During World War II, Yugoslavian Resistance Leader Tito headquartered in the cave, planning strategies for attacks and defense. Visit the site on your own, or take a guided tour to learn the details of Tito’s story.  

Vis Town’s archaeological museum is another great place to visit for an afternoon. There you can see remnants of the Greek occupation in 400 BC, including the head of the Greek goddess Artemis immortalized in bronze. 

Vis is one of the largest islands in southern Croatia. Two days could be spent cruising around the island visiting Komiza and Viz Towns, Stinivia Cove, the Blue and Green Caves, taking a World War II tour, snorkeling or scuba diving on sunken ship wrecks, and otherwise enjoying swimming and hiking on the many hiking trails across the island.