Written by Missy Johnston

Cruising up the Dalyan River

Cruising up the Dalyan River

On your private luxury yacht charter from Bodrum to Gocek, Turkey, don’t pass up the opportunity to cruise up the Dalyan River. The Dalyan River is full of picturesque scenery and fascinating history that shouldn’t be missed. Though your yacht can’t traverse the river due to shallow mud flats at the mouth, flat-bottomed river boats are available with guides for an amazing trip up the river to see all the best attractions.

See Dalyan’s Lycian Rock Tombs And Other Historical Sites

See the Ancient Lycian Cliffside Tombs on the Dalyan River in Turkey

Ancient Lycian Cliffside Tombs on the Dalyan River in Turkey

If you’re a history buff, be wowed by the small collection of several 3000-year-old Lycian cliffside rock tombs located in the mountains along the river. Don’t miss visiting the ruins of the ancient Lycian/Greek/Roman city of Caunos, where the ruins include a Byzantine church, a theater, a Roman bathhouse, and an agora. Lace up your hiking boots if you’d like to see the spectacular view from the hilltop theater that sits above Caunos.

Keep An Eye Out For Wildlife In The Water

Dalyan River Loggerhead Seaturtle

Herons, kingfishers, and sea turtles, the Carretta Carretta, frequent these waters, so it is very likely that these birds and sea turtles will be seen while cruising up the river, especially at the mouth of the river. It’s likely to spot turtle nests on protected areas of the riverside beaches from May to November, so if you’re there during those months, you may even catch a glimpse of them onshore laying their eggs. Visit the Turtle Rehabilitation Center and Museum if you want to learn more about this endangered marine life.

Enjoy A Delicious Turkish Lunch

As part of the flat-bottomed river boat tour arranged by CharterWorld with Missy Johnston, there will be a stop for lunch at a taverna, such as the Aktas Restaurant, by the river that offers fresh seafood straight from the Dalyan River. If someone in your party isn’t interested in seafood, don’t worry; there are plenty of other delightful Turkish dishes to choose from.

View of Dalyan Town, Turkey

View of Dalyan Town, Turkey

Walk Through The Town of Dalyan

The quaint, picturesque town of Dalyan draws visitors from all over the world, which is why you might be surprised to find plenty of Dutch and UK expats if you stop to chat with the locals. Spend the afternoon exploring this charming village before heading back down river in your river boat to your yacht to complete another leg of your Turkish luxury yacht charter.