Written by Missy Johnston

Beautiful Waters of La Maddalena Islands

Beautiful Waters of La Maddalena Islands

The National Park of the Archipelago of La Maddalena is a truly stunning place to visit. Because the area is a protected national park, most of the area is unspoiled and largely uninhabited.

There are roads from land leading to many of the popular beaches, but if things get too busy, you can always raise anchor and move to another spot, which is the beauty of being in these lovely islands on a yacht charter. The yacht can always move to a more private location.

Only on a private luxury yacht cruise can you visit each of La Maddalena’s 62 islands at your leisure.

Choose your ideal beach. Or, visit all of them.


La Cinta Beach

Only on a private yacht can you visit all of the locations you want to visit in the Maddalena Islands. Without a private yacht, those who drive or take the bus to the beach for the day have to stay right there, no matter whether overflowing with others or not. This is not a worry on your own private yacht charter, and since the Maddalena Islands overflow with variety, there are many beaches from which to choose, that others might not be able to access unless they too are on a private yacht.

Cruise from the golden crescent beach of Spiaggia di Monte di Rena to the rocky seaside overlook of Spiaggia di Tegge for a change of pace. Hit Cala Francese to relax on a private beach of white granite and to snorkel in the sparkling waters, and then visit Bassa Trinita Beach to watch the sunset as you sip a cocktail on the soft white sand.

Go off the beaten path.

The beach of Spalmatore, Sardinia Italy

The beach of Spalmatore, Sardinia Italy

While others visit the popular Spalmatore Beach for a day of snorkeling or canoeing, you can be adventuring on the isolated, hidden beach at Spiaggia del Cardellino, a place most vacationers never get to see.

Glimpse the military barracks at Teialone Tower from the sea without having to navigate the rocky ruins on foot. Then sail past the pink sand beaches of Budelli, a place the general public cannot access.

Other wonderful, secluded options include Garibaldi Beach, Cala Coticcio, and Capocchia du Purpu Beach. These areas are hard to access by land.

Enjoy the aquatic points of interest.

You can customize your La Maddalena, Sardinia yacht cruise to go where you want to go by sea in the cruising area. Visit beautiful beaches, and various anchorages. Spiaggia del Relitto has a shipwreck that enlivens a day of snorkeling and the calm waters of Cala Brigantina offer an inlet teeming with marine life.

Spend some time on land.

Caprera Island

Caprera Island

The town of La Maddalena offers a charming look into the past of Sardinia’s history. If nature holds as much appeal for you as the island chain’s history, head to the island of Caprera, where you can find both in abundance. Almost all of La Maddalena’s unique islands offer great hiking options. Once you have finished your trip through the archipelago paradise, then it’s time to sail over to the Sardinian mainland for the next stop on your luxury yacht cruise itinerary of Sardinia.