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Alghero Fortification Walls

Alghero Fortification Walls

Alghero is one of the five largest cities on the island of Sardinia. It is the perfect place to wrap up your Italian private yacht charter. This 11th century town is packed with beautiful architecture, mouthwatering local food, and a historical center. What is very unique about Alghero, is that the population is noted for having retained the language of the Catalan rulers from the end of the Middle Ages, when Sardinia was part of the Crown of Aragon. Therefore, Alguerese, a Catalan dialect, is still spoken in Alghero, and recognized as a minority language. Many of the buildings are still standing from the Calalan time period of rule, and the cuisine is influenced by the Calalan roots while still being Italian.

Alghero has several stunning nearby beaches—Mugoni, Le Bombarde, Il Lazzaretto, and Maria Pia—and the town offers many opportunities to enjoy the last day on your luxury yacht charter.

Stroll through Alghero’s historical center

Torre del Bollo, Capo Caccia, Sardinia, Italy

Alghero Tower

Alghero has several impressive landmarks that date back to the 14th and 16th centuries, or even before. San Francesco Church, for example, was restored in 1593 after the original facade caved in. The dome at St. Michael Church is impressive, and St. Barbara Church is the oldest church in the city.

The view from atop the city’s protective walls and watchtowers is amazing, as is the view from the bell tower of Catalan Gothic Santa Maria Cathedral. Visitors are also allowed to climb the tower at the Porta a Terra gate, which was built in the 14th century, where the whole city can be seen in panorama.

Or enjoy the modern comforts in town

Old Town Alghero

Old Town Alghero

Alghero features some of the best shopping and dining options in Sardinia. For seafood lovers, the “lobster alla catalana” is the Alghero’s most famous dish. It’s served in many of the local restaurants, but it’s best to make reservations in advance. Alghero also features numerous cafes and restaurants, and they offer seafood, among many other regional specialties, and local wines.

Cral crafting contributes significantly to Alghero’s economy. The city is located on the “Coral Coast,” where vast stretches of bright red coral grow in the nearby waters. The Coral Museum offers a history of how coral crafting began and grew in Alghero. The museum has beautiful coral jewelry and other souvenirs that visitors can buy to take home to enjoy for years to come.

Enjoy a stop in the coastal city of Alghero on a Sardinian yacht charter itinerary.