Written by Missy Johnston

Sorrento, Italy. Amalfi Coast

Sorrento, Italy

According to Greek mythology, Ulysses heard the song of the sirens as he sailed past Sorrento, Italy. Modern guests in Sorrento on a private Italian yacht charter from Rome to Naples don’t have to worry about being bewitched by mythical sirens, but they may still fall under the spell of this coastal town’s beauty and charm. Below are some of the fascinating and memorable places and activities to enjoy during a stop in Sorrento.

Villa Comunale Park

Villa Comunale has a never-ending panoramic view of the Bay of Naples and all its surrounding areas. With turquoise waters, yachts gliding by, exotic plants, and exotic blooming flowers, this attraction is one of the most overwhelmingly beautiful places to snap photographs and preserve memories forever.

Bagni di Regina Giovanna and the Nearby Ruins

Bagni di Regina Giovanna

Bagni di Regina Giovanna, Sorrento, Italy

The Bagni di Regina Giovanna, also known as Queen Joan’s Baths, is where Queen Joan II of Anjou is reported to have bathed and swam during the 15th century. The baths are located on the outer edge of the city of Sorrento, making travel to them difficult on land. Yachters, however, are able to simply sail close to this beautiful piece of coastline, be brought to the shore, and enjoy a refreshing walk to the baths.

After an invigorating swim in this romantic and private pool surrounded by towering cliffs, it’s a short jaunt to see the 2000-year-old ruins of a nearby village.

The Via del Capo

This stretch through the center of Sorrento to the cliffs and coastline is perfect for an afternoon walk. The Via del Capo is a long street that is accessible by car, but it’s best explored on foot to enjoy the many city-center attractions and spectacular views.

Marinas and Beaches

Streets in a touristic town, Sorrento, Italy.

Streets of Sorrento, Italy

Marina Grande and Marina Piccola, named for their larger and smaller sizes, respectively, both offer opportunities to explore nearby establishments or relax on the beach. Marina Grande, close to the Piazza della Vittoria, is perfect for a quiet afternoon away from the hustle and bustle of the city center. It’s also a great place to enjoy a fresh seafood lunch by the harbor. Marina Piccola, meanwhile, is near to the Piazza Tasso, and can be a convenient entry point inland to see more attractions.

Sorrento’s beaches are lovely, but both public and private beaches may get crowded during the height of tourist season. Your yacht captain knows how to find a more private spot before dropping anchor and for an afternoon of enjoying the ocean and the sand.

In a beautiful area on the north side of the Sorrento Peninsula, graced by Positano, Ravello, and Amalfi on the southern side, Sorrento is a terrific stop on a yacht charter out of Naples, Italy, especially for a land trip to visit the ruins of Pompeii.