Written by Missy Johnston

Lipari, Italy

Lipari, Italy

Lipari, Italy offers a fascinating look into history. Formed from volcanic eruptions, this Aeolian Island is the largest in the chain and bears remnants of many civilizations throughout history. In fact, all of the Aeolian Islands are protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Here are some of the interesting ways to enjoy this unique destination during your Italian luxury private yacht charter through cruising through the Aeolian Islands.

Explore Lipari Castle

In the island’s capital city, also named Lipari, the massive, imposing stone walls that surround Lipari Castle are visible. The walls themselves are from the 15th century, but the castle shows evidence of each civilization that once called Lipari home. Astute history buffs will notice different cultural influences, from the expected Greek and Italian flair all the way back to settlements from the Neolithic Era.

Ancient fort walls at Lipari island harbor., Italy

Ancient fort walls at Lipari Island harbor.

Discover the Cathedral of San Bartolomeo

Sometimes referred to as “Lipari Cathedral,” this historic building is a stunning architectural marvel in the center of the city; the outside of the cathedral can be seen from Lipari Castle. Tours are available to see the building’s impressive interior and hear about its history.

Learn More History at the Lipari Archaeological Museum

This museum is a treasure trove for those interested in ancient history. It contains what is reputed to be one of the best collections of art and artifacts from ancient eras in all of Europe. Plan for several hours here because the museum inhabits a number of separate buildings and contains numerous exhibits.

LIPARI ITALY Harbor of Lipari at the Aeolian islan

Lipari Island Harbor

Take Photos at the Belvedere Quattrochi Viewpoint

High above the city, this viewpoint offers incredibly stunning scenery. Count sailboats in the distance, look out over the adjacent island of Vulcano, and be sure to get some postcard-worthy shots of the sun setting over the vast blue ocean.

See More Breathtaking Views at the Geophysical Observatory

The Geophysical Observatory is located outside of Lipari, so it’s best to save this attraction for last before setting off for the rest to visit the rest of the Aeolian Islands on your private luxury yacht charter. The observatory was once a naval watchtower, but today it offers guests the opportunity to look out over Vulcano Island, including the volcano at Vulcanello.

Lipari island Italy

Lipari Island, Italy

The Aeolian Islands are a secret little group of islands tucked away in a corner of the Tyrrhenian Sea with Lipari the main, largest, most well known and most inhabited of the Aeolian Islands. However, still given that all of the Aeolian Islands are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and not allowed to be modernized or changed, be prepared to take a step back in time when visiting Lipari Island on an Italian yacht charter itinerary.