Written by Missy Johnston

Luxury Yacht Charter

Many of your vacations may consist of flying to a global destination and staying in a luxury hotel. It’s wonderful to know you can visit any city you want and book any entertainment you’re interested in, with very few exceptions. However, if you have never taken a private yacht vacation, you might be surprised to find out that this can be an even better option than a luxury hotel or resort vacation.

Here are some of the reasons why we think private luxury yacht charters are better than any other type of vacation!


Private Beach Party on Yacht charter

One thing that all hotels, resorts, cruise liners, and even high-end beachfront house rentals have in common is tourists. Even if you stay in specialty suites and avoid tourist hotspots, you will still be surrounded by strangers every time you visit the pool, restaurants, and other attractions. You may hear noise coming from adjacent suites or hallways. Plus, every time you look out the window, you will see other people on the beach and boardwalks.

On a yacht, you can wake up to the sunrise next to an uninhabited island, have lunch on board with only your chosen family or friends as company, and sunbathe on the shores of a deserted beach with no crowds in sight, or even one other person. . In the rare circumstance that another party comes along to enjoy the same beach, your captain can simply raise the anchor and move to another private spot. Plus, yachts offer something that no land-based building can provide: the minute you leave the land and step onto a water-borne environment, you are in your own world. You are able to see all the beauty around you, but from your own totally private space.

You would have to rent out entire hotels or resorts to approach the peace, quiet, and complete privacy of a luxury yacht vacation.

Oh, and by the way, if you choose to conduct business on board by entertaining clients or taking important phone calls, your crew will respect your privacy and abide by any non-disclosure terms that may apply.


Travel has inherent risks. Unfamiliar cultures, unusual cuisine, and even run-of-the-mill risks like theft and car accidents can make you feel unsafe unless you have a private and secure home base to which you can return.

On a cruise liner or in a hotel, you can always go back to your room. But that room will be next to other occupied rooms, and you must brave the crowds if you want to enjoy activities outside of your comfortable space.

On a private luxury yacht, you bring that comfortable space along with you. You have no neighbors except the guests you invite on board. You can freely explore exotic locales during the day, and return at night to your locked floating island surrounded by a crew dedicated to your health and safety. Or never leave your own floating hotel and restaurant, and never go ashore as onboard is everything you ever will need, along with service with a smile.


Luxury yachts with everything from an onboard Jacuzzi to a professional crew for a custom charter experience.

Only on a luxury customized yacht vacation can you travel around at your leisure, unhindered by traffic, flight times, airport delays, rigid tour schedules, or anyone else’s opinions. Simply decide where you want to go and when you want to go, and your captain will ensure you get there.

Wake up early to watch the sunrise over the ocean or have a nap as your yacht cruises from one destination to the next. You have no itineraries to follow other than the ones you set for yourself.

Unique experiences

Many travelers are land-bound during their vacations. It’s difficult to book a half-day or full-day boat rental on a whim because you are subject to the schedule and availability provided by local rental agencies.

During peak seasons, no boats are available. Regardless of how much you’re willing to spend, you might not be able to take that last-minute trip to visit the nearby island you heard about or swim with wild dolphins a few miles offshore.

When you travel by private yacht, you can quickly and easily go to locations most vacationers can’t access. When you wish, you can watch whales and visit sea caves, private uninhabited islands, and secluded coves. Many people won’t see these wonders because of tour schedule conflicts and fully-booked boat rentals.


You may include visits to attractions or scenic locations in ordinary vacations, but you are still limited to the immediate areas around your hotel.

Unless you are on a long holiday, you want to make the most of a shorter vacation time. Why would you want to be stuck in one or two cities, able to explore only nearby areas, when you could explore expansively instead?

Aboard your private luxury yacht, you can sail from coastal city to coastal city, from island to island, or even from country to country as you please.

With enough creativity—advance planning and special insider information supplied by your charter broker on what to see and do in your charter location and some helpful suggestions from your knowledgeable crew—you can find endless opportunities for new experiences, breathtaking scenery, and a plethora of activities you can’t access in a fixed location much less easily access.


Luxury hotels with multiple entertainment choices can’t match the unlimited experiences a private luxury yacht vacation offers. You’re not limited to just visiting the pool, nearby restaurants, and other local venues.

If a change of scenery is of interest, or a new beach, just lift anchor. your private yacht crew can cruise l to a new anchorage. You can sail anywhere you would like in your cruising area and enjoy everything available on land or sea, on your own schedule.

For instance, on a tropical yacht charter, one day you might try kite sailing in beautiful blue green waters, and then snorkeling and exploring a reef several miles offshore, or perhaps exploring a shipwreck. Later head ashore for rum punch and steel band music before dinner ashore at a barbecue “Jump Up.” The next day, wake up to a breakfast picnic in a rocky secluded cove, and cruise to a coastal town to explore and go shopping. After, come back aboard to enjoy a seafood dinner prepared by your private chef who caters to your personal dietary needs and tastes.

Dedicated crew

Luxury hotels offer top-quality service. Well-trained staff can take care of most needs you have during your stay. However, you will be one of dozens or hundreds of VIP guests receiving this top-tier treatment. Sometimes that means waiting for room service delivery or finding that your suite was not cleaned well.

On a chartered luxury yacht cruise, you enjoy a private staff and crew dedicated to your comfort. You and those traveling with you are the only VIP guests your crew is attending to, so you receive their undivided attention.

A private chef will prepare your meals according to your custom menu selections or unique dietary needs. If you have an interest in trying local foods or you change your mind about what you’d like to eat for lunch, simply bring it up with your chef; your preferred foods and beverages will be stocked on board and prepared on demand, with no wait times.

Other crew members take care of your travel, entertainment, water fun and comfort. Your captain sails where you want to go, when you want to go within your charter area, and with safe navigation and follows no schedule or tour route besides your own. Dedicated cleaning staff ensures that every inch of your yacht is spotless and freshly cleaned during your time on board.

Your staff does not have to divide their attention among multiple guests, so you receive unsurpassed and totally dedicated service.

Effortless relaxation

Food and comfort are not all that just flow while on board your own private yacht cruise. You can just relax after boarding and let your crew handle planning all entertainment and every aspect of your itinerary. .

Your crew can take care of all of the planning and details of all of everything you might want to do, such as:

  • Making sure you’re ready and ashore for any place you want to be at the right time
  • Throwing a party, inviting guests, and planning meals and beverages
  • Packing appropriate gear needed for tender activities such as scuba diving, and snorkeling
  • Packing appropriate gear needed for hiking such as mountain hiking sticks, hats, water, maps and first aid kits
  • Planning and transporting everything needed to a remote beach for a lovely beach picnic.
  • Booking reservations for restaurants and attractions
  • Visiting the “hidden gems” only locals know about
  • Making arrangements to enjoy special events that might occur in the charter area
  • Suggesting additional on board fun activities and themed dinners.

With a crew dedicated to you and a yacht outfitted with a huge variety of amenities, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to make a reservation, packing your snorkel gear, or hiring a small watercraft to explore shallow waters. Everything you need is already on board your private charter yacht and included in the charter fee.

You’re in charge

Have you ever wanted your vacation to be a truly customizable experience? If so, this may be the number one reason to take a private luxury yacht cruise.

In a luxury hotel, you must abide by quiet time hours. At a resort, you are one of hundreds of guests waiting for the attention of the staff. On a cruise ship, your activities are limited to those provided by the boat’s amenities at predetermined times and on a predetermined itinerary made by the cruise line.

Even in a private beach rental, you can only explore the same surrounding area, unless you want to pack up and drive or fly to a new rental home. It can be limiting and frustrating when you just want to spread your wings and fly.

On a yacht, you’re the boss.

You can cruise where you would like in your charter area enjoying all that the area has to offer with fabulous service from your dedicated crew. The most important aspect of a private yacht charter and what matters most is that it’s entirely, completely up to you.