Written by Missy Johnston

Montenegro -Sveti Stefan

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Those fortunate enough to have taken a luxury yacht cruise through the Adriatic Sea are the envy of history lovers, seekers of undiscovered, hidden gems, and those who want to relax surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes our planet has to offer.

If you’re looking for a wonderful place to stop on your cruise, consider Montenegro as one of your best options. It has become famous for providing visitors with one-of-a-kind Balkan charm and all of the luxuries that vacationers could want, without the crowds of tourists attracted to other nearby countries. 

The promise of a “hidden gem” paradise is a major part of Montenegro’s appeal. It should come as no surprise that more spectacular experiences are possible for those willing to venture off the well-beaten path. 

Enjoy an authentic and peaceful experience

Kotor at the head of the Boka Kotorska Fjord


Escape the summer crowds by approaching Montenegro from the Adriatic Sea’s Bay of Kotor, bypassing the tourists who fly into Croatia and cross the border by car. The charming and exotic city of Kotor, Montenegro, will likely be your first stop after coming ashore. It’s an excellent entry point into all of the beauty and majesty the region is known for. Visitors to Kotor are treated to a coastal paradise with winding, medieval streets, and a fascinating, under-appreciated history. 

Stunning beaches, authentic Balkan-style restaurants, mountain views, and a strong, traditional culture lie waiting to be discovered in Kotor and beyond. Be sure to tour the fortress at the Old City before venturing further inland or traveling the 40 nautical miles north toward Dubrovnik, Croatia. The site dates back to the 3rd century when it was occupied by the Roman Empire until the Byzantines settled there around the 6th century. The Old City itself was built between the 12th and 14th centuries, and retains its medieval atmosphere for those traversing its narrow, winding streets. And do hike up along the fortress walls into the mountain side behind Kotor city for wonderful photo opportunities as the fortress walls snake high up above Kotor and Kotor Bay.

Explore scenic and romantic destinations without having to leave your yacht

St. George Monastery off of Perast

St. George Monastery off of Perast

Though there are plenty of reasons to disembark and journey around inland parts of the country, yachties have access to a few magical locations that are best approached from the water. The historic waterfront town of Perast, known for its romantic atmosphere surrounded by mountains, the bay, and beautiful historical buildings, is a short cruise from two nearby islands that are well worth a day trip. Both Kotor and Perast are part of the same UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Montenegro boasts spectacular sea caves—such as Blue Cave on Lustica Peninsula—that are unequaled by caves in any other location. When you view Blue Cave from the water, you will see reflections of light on the sandy bottom that illuminate the entire cave in the shining blue color for which it was named. 

With so many highlights ranging from charming to jaw-dropping, Montenegro could easily be enjoyed for days or weeks at a time. Whether you spend most of each delightful day  soaking up the view from the yacht, or you disembark to wander and immerse yourself in the rich history of its medieval towns, your luxury yacht cruise to Montenegro is sure to be a highlight of your trip through the Adriatic.