Written by Missy Johnston

Juneau, Alaska

Juneau is only one of many Alaskan cities that can only be accessed by air or sea. Completely surrounded on three sides by glaciers, Juneau opens up to the ocean as a port city, spilling from the mountains to the sea. While this city does have roads and cars, there are no roads leading into Juneau, which makes for a bustling port city, and a great location to begin or end your charter.

Alaska’s capital and the state’s third largest city is a cosmopolitan city located in the heart of the Tongass National Forest. Nestled at the base of the towering mountains overlooking the Gastineau Channel, Juneau is ideal for travelers who enjoy combining explorations of spectacular natural with local culture although some of the best views are made by sea and air.
Juneau’s nearby attractions are miles of scenic trails that weave through the temperate rainforest up to alpine meadow mountains. The area allows a convenient access to Glacier Bay National Park, Tracy Arm Fjord, the Taku River, and Admiralty Island and Pack Creek Bear Preserve. Visitors can also view the spectacular Juneau Icefield from helicopters and fixed-wing air craft. The Mendenhall Glacier, which is the state’s top attraction, has an impressive face of 100 feet high and 1.5 miles wide. The Alaska State Museum has permanent collections and traveling exhibits that highlight Alaska’s native peoples, natural history, the Alaska-Yukon gold rushes, and the American period of the state’s history. Exhibits include artwork and artifacts, photographs, murals, kayak models and a children’s room.

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