Written by Missy Johnston

Luxury charter yacht Silolona

Charter Yacht Silolona

The 164’ Phinisi crewed charter sailing yacht Silolona is wrapped in legend and shrouded in mystique, which adds to the magic of a charter experience on board. For, just as the in the legend of Silolona, for whom the yacht is named, when starting a charter on this yacht, a call is made to Silolona to add her strength to a successful on board charter experience.

Goris, Dive Instructor on board the crewed charter sailing yacht Silolona makes the call to the spirit of the legendary Silolona

Legend in Indonesia says that when the earth was new, the planet was too close to the sun and everything on the surface of the earth from man to animal to plant suffered under the harsh rays. During these times, Atuf, a strong and handsome warrior fell in love and married Silolona, the loveliest woman in all of Tanimbar, whose beautiful exterior was melded with the strength of a beautiful interior. However under the harsh rays of a too close sun, Silolona died while still a young woman. In deep mourning for his wife, Atuf vowed to make his home safe from the burning rays of the sun for all.

Luxury charter yacht silolona

Setting sail on charter yacht Silolona

Inspired by the spirit of his beautiful wife, Atuf built a boat, named named for her in remembrance, to sail to the sun. On launching his boat, Atuf called forth the spirit of his wife to provide him the strength needed for this dangerous journey. When reaching the sun, Atuf once again called forth the spirit of his wife to provide him the strength to successfully complete his mission. With her strength within him, Atuf hurled his spear at the sun and shattered the giant orb into a smaller orb surrounded by tiny additional glowing pieces scattered across the sky forming the stars in the constellations. The fierce burning power of the sun was reduced from harmful to helpful and the earth was saved by Atuf and the spirit of the lovely Silolona.

Charter Yacht Silolona anchored in front of active volcano

Charter Yacht Silolona anchored in front of active volcano

At the beginning of a charter cruise on board the crewed charter sailing yacht Silolona, the spirit of this beautiful woman is still called forth to protect all on board with her strength for a successful charter. On boarding, at the start of every charter, Goris, the Dive Instructor, and an indispensable crew member onboard, calls forth the spirit of Silolona while wearing a traditional sarong and head dress and tosses Indonesian offerings into the sea to this fair spirit for a successful charter. At CharterWorld with Missy Johnston, we feel the spirit of Silolona is part of each and every charter as each and every charter is an outstanding charter experience, and a charter experience not to be missed.