Written by Missy Johnston

Polace Restaurant Ankora on the Quay

Polace, on the island of Mjlet is a great yachting location to visit while on a crewed yacht charter in Croatia. Virtually all of the very green Island of Mjlet is a Croatian National Park, which surrounds the village, so called, supposedly for the Roman word for “palace”; as the ruins of a Roman palace are part of this littel village. Within the national park waters, only locals are allowed to fish, and so the waters surrounding the island are filled with fish, shellfish, lobsters, and calamari. Ringing around the harbor, along the main road of the village of are a number of fresh seafood Tavernas, offering beautiful fresh seafood, fished daily locally right out of their very bountiful waters. One should not miss the very special Black Squid Ink Risotto at Restaurant Ankora when anchored near Polace on a crewed yacht charter.

During a long and varied history, the mainland and islands of Croatia were inhabited at various times by municipalities that are now part of Italy. Today, in Croatia, Italian influences on cuisine are prevalent, and many dishes can be found that would be designated as Italian, and yet are very Croatian as well. One of those dishes is risotto, with the most popular in Croatia being Black Squid Ink Risotto, as Squid is very prevalent and beautifully fresh and sweet fished out of the waters in Croatia. CharterWorld with Missy Johnston was able to watch the creation of this dish at Restaurant Ankora in Polace, the result of which was an excellent Black Squid Ink Risotto not to be missed if anchoring in Polace, on the island of Mjlet in Croatia. Do ask your Captain to call ahead to make sure the Restaurant Ankora will be making Black Squid Ink Risotto when anchoring in Polace, as this restaurant has mastered this dish.

Mjlet Island Polace Restaurant Ankora preparing fresh Black Squid Ink Risotto

Mjlet Island Polace Restaurant Ankora Interior

Mjlet Island Polace Restaurant Ankora Black Squid Ink Risotto

At the beginning of the meal, we were treated to a local homemade fig pre-dinner aperitif, and during dinner to the local wines. After dinner, out came what can only be called the Croatian version of Italian Grappa, made in the same manner and infused, “for digestion”, with several different local herbs. A clear “fire water” type liquor, in Croatia this is called Schnapps, and is to be swallowed in a single shot, one or more times. All to settle dinner, of course. And all to be enjoyed at whatever level wanted, but do be sure to sample and enjoy the Black Ink Squid Risotto on a crewed yacht charter in Croatia while visiting Polace on the island of Mjlet in Croatia.