Written by Missy Johnston

Experience a Sevusevu and ceremonial village Meke Dancing on a private yacht charter through the Out Islands of Fiji. While the two main islands of Fiji have been modernized, centuries old customs continue in the little villages on the hundreds of smaller islands, many of which can only be visited on a yacht charter.

A strong societal hierarchy exists on the smaller outlying islands in the villages, most of which are guided by a Village Chieftain. When visiting the anchorages or harbors “owned” by the various villages in a crewed yacht charter, cultural politeness requires going ashore to ask the Village Chieftain, and other village elders, for permission to anchor and enjoy their waters through participation in a Sevusevu Ceremony around the Kava Bowl.

If deemed to be an important guest, the Village Chieftain may organize the villagers for a Meke Dancing Ceremony. Or, in the case of Malakati Village in the Fijian Mamanuca Islands, for a small fee, the Captain of your crewed charter yacht can arrange to have the villagers perform the Meke Dancing Ceremony as if you were the most important guests ever received in their small village.

CharterWorld with Missy Johnston, when visiting on a crewed charter yacht, participated in a ceremonial Sevusevu around the Kava Bowl, and this Meke Dancing Ceremony in Malakati Village led by village elder, Joe.