Indonesia Yacht Charter Itineraries

Indonesia is a fantastic choice for those looking for culture and history on a South Pacific & Asia yacht charter vacation. Experience local traditions first-hand, anchoring in front of a remote village accessible only by private yacht, and watch Ikat Textile weaving done by hand on hand-made looms or ceremonial dances. Anchor in front of gently puffing volcanos in Volcano Alley along the Ring of Fire. Discover the Komodo Islands, home to the Komodo Dragon, or the 4 Kingdoms of Raja Ampat. Perhaps swim with nurse sharks in Cenderawasih Bay or visit the Banda Islands, where nutmeg was first discovered by the western world. Read about this and other one-of-a-kind activities possible on a luxury yacht charter in the various island groups in the huge and varied country of  Indonesia. Of course, no matter what you choose for your custom cruising itinerary with land activities, the beautiful waters of the Pacific Ocean filled with coral gardens and marine life await and will enchant.