Written by Missy Johnston

Beach in Cabo San Lucas Mexico on the Sea of Cortez

Cabo San Lucas

From Cabo San Lucas to La Paz, a yacht charter itinerary cruising the Sea of Cortez in Mexico includes historic towns, lovely beaches, extraordinary rock formations, seaside cliffs striated with beautiful colors, and refreshing waters. Enjoy swimming with sea lions, snorkeling or scuba diving with schools of fish, shelling on deserted beaches, and visiting historic Spanish Mission towns, on a private crewed charter in the Sea of Cortez.


Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Cabo San Lucas

Arrive in Cabo San Lucas, where the Tran peninsular Highway ends and the fun begins! For most of this century Cabo San Lucas was a small, quiet fishing village. Even when John Steinbeck chartered a boat out of Monterey to visit Baja in the 1940’s, there was very little going on in Cabo San Lucas. The 200-foot arch at Land’s End marks the end of the Baja Peninsula, but back then it wasn’t famous. Enjoy a swim at the beautiful white sand beach with its clear blue water. Make your way ashore for sundowners or margaritas, before enjoying dinner onboard. Overnight.

School of fish from the reefs of the sea of cortez in mexico.

School of Fish

Leave early for Los Frailes, 45 NM, located on the beautiful East Cape of Baja California, Mexico. Los Frailes has some interesting dive spots for experienced divers, with deep crevices and canyons and fabulous marine life. The less adventurous will want to spend the day exploring the Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, do nothing but relax on pristine white sand beaches, or walk along the surf and collect sea shells. This is a great shelling location. Fishing is world class in Los Frailes – some of the best in Baja. Overnight.

Sunset in La Paz, Mexico, Baja California Sur

Sunset in La Paz

Leave after breakfast for La Paz. Here there is nice shopping along the beachfront boulevard with old colonial buildings, and a relaxed atmosphere. Situated in a northwesterly facing bay, La Paz has the advantage of protected warm waters of the Sea of Cortez. The beaches just north of town are to die. Sun down in La Paz is when the beachfront boulevard comes alive with great restaurants for fine or casual dining, along with well kept side streets filled with shops. Overnight.

Coral in Mexico

Coral in Mexico

In the morning, head to Los Islotes. This series of weirdly formed rocky islets just north of Isla Partida is home to a large colony of sea lions. You could easily spend two days diving sites around these rocks. Some areas of the rock formations fall away underwater to sheer underwater walls lined with small gorgonian fans and caves full of lobster and crayfish. Enjoy the playful sea lions that swim with you, showing off their vastly superior water skills. Enjoy lunch before heading towards Isla Partida to overnight.

Sea Lion at La Paz in Mexico

Sea Lions

Isla Partida, a lovely barren island about 20 miles NE of La Paz, offers several anchorages where you can stay for several days, such as Partida, Cardonal and Ensenada Grande. Isla Espiritu Santo is the closest island to the Bay of La Paz and poses the most stunning views of all the islands in the Sea of Cortez. Cruise to Colleta Partida, at the south end of Isla Partida. This is a beautiful sheltered cove open to the west, with a sandy beach to the east, another great location for shelling. Enjoy snorkeling and swimming before heading towards El Bajo, an isolated group of seamounts 8 NM NE of Los Islotes. This is perhaps the most famous scuba dive in the Sea of Cortez. After, cruise towards Las Animas, another remote, tiny collection of rocks/and islets north of Isla San Jose. There is excellent diving in this area with superbly clear water, a sheer wall and teeming schools of very large fish. Overnight.

Sea of Cortez and beach in Los Cabos Mexico

Sea of Cortez Beach

Isla San Francisco is an isolated desert island with a distinct cove. Look for numerous Manta Rays, seals and Thresher Sharks. Enjoy swimming or snorkeling before leaving after lunch for your cruise back to La Paz.

Sea Lions in La Paz Mexico -

Sea Lions

La Paz – disembark.