Written by Missy Johnston

One of the coolest things to do in Turkey is visit the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology, housed in the Bodrum Castle and overlooking the impressive Bodrum harbor. Bodrum is the perfect town from which to board and/or disembark a private yacht charter to cruise through beautiful crystal green and blue waters. The museum is also a must-see when in Bodrum before or after your yacht charter.

Bodrum , Turkey Ancient Amphoras from Ancient Shipwrecks

Ancient shipwrecks found deep in the Aegean, Icarian, and Mediterranean Seas have been meticulously catalogued and their riches placed on display. Read more here about the astonishing artifacts you can find, including pottery and weaponry dating back 3,500 years. Turkey’s southern coastline is a haven for the Turkish Gulet vessel, on which a yacht charter is known as the “Blue Voyage.” The building and development of these ships is documented in the Bodrum Maritime Museum, another vacation discovery we highly recommend.